Hundreds of students filled the halls of Jack’s middle school, yet loneliness surrounded his every step. As an overactive preteen, true friendships were hard for Jack to cultivate. In 8th grade, he ventured into Campus Life through the allure of donuts and the hope of friendship. His steps of courage led him to find a place of true belonging.  

He started to understand his own worth when he attended a Campus Life trip. There, the display of love from trusted adults changed Jack's viewpoint of himself. Not only did his leader love him, but leaders across the city cared about him too. Won over by genuine relationships, he went ‘all in’ with Campus  Life and started attending club regularly. In the following month, he said YES to Jesus and found a local youth group to plug into.  

As he learned more about being a Christ follower, he signed up to serve on the YFC Project Serve team at our middle school camp. Jack embodied what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus, by serving middle school students. While he was at camp, he noticed a lonely boy. Jack began to discover the camper’s story just like his leader had done for him. Jack prayed for the camper during camp and continued to take an interest in him throughout the week. After camp, Jack took the time to check in with him, and was excited to hear that he also said YES to Jesus.

Jack is so thankful that his Campus Life leaders took the time to invest in him, love him, and give him a place to belong. He is excited to keep doing the same for others.


Dalen and his mom, Deanna, have been forever changed by the grace of God. In August of 2014, 13 year old Dalen Hanquist joined us for his first YFC Camp in Boone, Iowa. It all began with a simple invitation from a friend. While Dalen was at a Campus Life club, Darrin Kimpson, the Papillion Campus Life Director, took the opportunity to invite Dalen to YFC Camp. Through two simple invitations, Dalen’s story was forever changed as he said “yes” to Jesus at that very Camp alongside his leader Darrin.

After camp, Dalen shared his decision to follow Christ with family and friends. Soon after, he and his family started attending church together. Though they had attended at times in the past, it had never been a priority. 

Dalen’s mom shared that, “In the beginning, I was just looking for a shared experience with Dalen. Something he and I could do together.” Within the next month, Deanna started attending church with Dalen and began volunteering at the Papillion Campus Life Club where Dalen attends. She started pursuing small group Bible studies at their church and was asking many questions. However, she kept coming to the same roadblock... she didn’t feel good enough to be a Christian.

The next spring, Deanna was still struggling to feel right with God. Eventually she shared with Dalen her feelings of unworthiness. His response? He told her, “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. That’s exactly why you should have Jesus in your life.” So, in March of 2015, Deanna also said yes to Jesus!

This summer, Dalen decided to tell the world about his commitment to Jesus and was baptized, along with a group from his church. A few minutes before the ceremony, following a nudge from the Holy Spirit, Deanna also decided to be baptized. On September 20, 2015, both Dalen and Deanna were baptized by Darrin Kimpson and a Campus Life volunteer mentor, surrounded by their new church family.

Dalen’s passion for God continues to be seen by his interactions with friends and family. He is now a leader at Campus Life, and is reading through the book of Proverbs with his mom. Deanna is continuing to ask questions and is part of 3 small groups. Though she is yet to have it all figured out, she no longer doubts her salvation in Christ. She explains, “It would break my heart to think someone else was hiding from God because they think they aren’t good enough.”

Dalen’s family was changed because of a simple invitation by a trusted friend. Our staff consistently remind students to invite their friends to Campus Life because we never know what an invitation can lead to. The invite to Campus Life and YFC Camp changed not only Dalen’s life, but his mom’s life too. When asked what Dalen tells his friends about trying out Campus Life, he replied, “Just give it a try, I know you’ll like it.”