Campus Life


Campus Life, a program of Youth for Christ, is a program that seeks to help EVERY kid in our community. Weekly programs provide a place where students can be themselves, fit in, and have fun! We talk about things that are relevant to teens wherever they are in life and give them a chance to be heard, talk about what is going on in their lives, and provide a caring adult mentor who is ready to listen. We take over 200+ kids to YFC Camp in the summer, which always proves to be the best week of the year!


Ministry Sites:

Bellevue West High School Club

Mission Middle School Club



Get Involved at Bellevue Campus Life!

  • Volunteers

    We are looking for available and willing adults who have a heart for students. We need help in all areas from weekly volunteers to snack organizers and everything in between. Are you interested in having a positive impact on our Beallvue students and making a difference in their lives? For additional information contact Jarell at (402) 214-2820 or

  • Snacks

    We strongly believe that food creates a fun and welcoming environment! Having food present can break down walls and keep kids coming to our programs! If you are interested in helping to provide snacks or even organizing a team of people to do so, please contact Jarell at (402) 214-2820 or