Carey Oswald

Parent Life

Carey was born in Springfield, Massachusetts and at the age of 7 began the life of a military child. She has lived in the Philippines, California and in 1991 settled in Omaha. Carey is an only child and after their military retirement, her parents chose to remain in the Omaha area. She has been through several traumatic life experiences and feels that God was alongside her but didn't accept Him into her life until the age of 25, after her then boyfriend (now husband) asked her to come to church with him. Carey has been married to her husband Scott for 16 years; they have 3 children, Nicolas, Paige and Alexa.

Carey has been on many mission trips to countries such as Canada, Mexico and Hong Kong. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at her church, watching TV, listening to music and making prayer blankets for her friends. Carey has been on staff with Omaha Youth for Christ since November 2013. Through Parent Life she mentors pregnant and parenting teens. In addition, Carey also works in the office a few days a week helping out with administrative tasks.