Bethany Stewart

Platteview Campus Life

Bethany got connected with Omaha Youth for Christ when her husband Jared joined staff in November of 2007. She has served with YFC in numerous ways over the years, including the communications team, and since August 2019, as part-time staff with Platteview Campus Life. Bethany spends her time attending student and community events and inviting kids into her home to share snacks, enjoy conversation, play games, take selfies, paint nails, fix hair, and give big mama bear hugs and words of encouragement. Bethany’s dream is that Campus Life in Platteview is known for being a place where kids can go to belong and be loved. Her vision is for every single kid to have the chance to be in relationship with an adult who loves Jesus and loves them. Bethany wants all kids to know that she is on their side, cheering for them, and that she genuinely cares for them no matter what.